New Ashcroft Rueger Partnership

13 February 2015

Crissier Switzerland - Two global leaders in instrumentation - Ashcroft and Rüeger - have forged a partnership to provide a complete global offering for the international market.

Two industrial companies, highly regarded as leaders in their product lines, have come together to offer customers complete business solutions featuring their complementary product lines. Ashcroft, protecting people, processes and profits for over 160 years with pressure gauges, transducers, switches and seals and Rüeger, known for over 70 years and three generations for its product lines in temperature measurement – thermometers and thermoelectric sensors have formed an alliance to provide better value and total quality solutions around the world.

Their customers will benefit from a comprehensive range of measuring instruments - pressure and temperature -­ produced in high tech manufacturing sites around the globe under the innovation, expertise and leadership of Ashcroft and Rüeger.

This collaboration between the two companies -­ Ashcroft and Rüeger -­ will provide world class service and a comprehensive range of products -­ pressure and temperature -­ to customers in all regions, as current sales teams expand their reach to include products from both portfolios. The impact of this worldwide cooperation will be seen in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

About Ashcroft
Ashcroft manufactures electronic and mechanical instrumentation for pressure and temperature measurement, monitoring and control. Product brands include Ashcroft®, Heise®, Willy®, and Weksler®. As a global provider, Ashcroft maintains a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and distributors worldwide. Headquartered in Stratford, CT, it also has operations in Brazil, China, Germany, Mexico and Singapore; and joint ventures in India, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
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About Rueger
Rueger has specialized in the development and manufacture of temperature measurement instruments, particularly electrical temperature sensors, bimetallic and gas pressure thermometers since it was founded in Lausanne in 1942. RÜEGER also offers a full range of gauges for measuring pressure and differential pressure for various industrial applications. In addition to being well established in Europe and Asia with a network of three subsidiaries (Germany, Malaysia and China), RÜEGER works with more than 60 agents worldwide.
The company's website can be accessed at